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Layout, Print Production

Art Direction: Chris Kuhatschek
and John Steiner

Floor stands for the Meijer Local Fresh Campaign which promoted the partnership between local farmers and Meijer stores. These lived in the fresh produce in tandem with hanging signage, changed out based on store availability for fruits and vegetables in season. In my tenure as a production design specialist at Meijer I was able to work on creating collateral for this campaign for two years and watch it evolve into what you see above. I also worked on animations utilizing this collateral for customer facing checkout displays. Textured lettering and gritty photos helped convey a sense of what its like to be in the field. The best part of working on these was going through the contact sheets. So many gorgeous photos and so many old dudes that didn't want to stop long enough to get there picture taken- but smiled begrudgingly and beautifully regardless!

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